Community-Engaged Public Art Installation for Building Exterior in Regent Park



Toronto Community Housing (TCH) in collaboration with Daniels Spectrum (operated by Artscape) invites artists or artist teams to submit a letter of interest and samples of past work in consideration for a community-engaged public art installation on the exterior of a new residential building in Regent Park (180 Sackville or “Block 22”). This building is currently under construction and slated for completion in spring 2015. This community-engaged public art installation will involve consulting members of the Regent Park community to arrive at a final concept.

There are 3 stages to the proposal process (outlined below). The selected artist or artist team will receive compensation of up to $10,000 to cover labour and materials for this project.  This work is being commissioned by TCH and managed by Artscape staff at Daniels Spectrum, Regent Park’s new cultural hub.

The final artist(s) selected will consult with TCH & Daniels Spectrum on the design and fabrication of the work.  The community-engaged public art installation will be unveiled in spring of 2015 during the opening of the building.  



180 Sackville is comprised of an 86 unit, 11 storey midrise building with both rental and affordable housing and 2 townhouse rental blocks with 16 units in each, all currently under construction.  It is the second last rental project part of Phase 2 of the Regent Park Revitalization for TCH. 180 Sackville is situated south of St. David Street between Regent Street and Sackville Street. The property is described as Block 22 of the Draft Plan of Subdivision for Regent Park.



Stage 1 – Submission Requirements

After submission requirements have been received, a selection committee comprised of local artists, Regent Park residents and community members will assess the qualifications and shortlist 3-4 artists or artist teams to proceed to the second stage of the process.


STAGE 2 – Selection Process

3-4 Shortlisted artists will engage in various public consultations with the Regent Park community to create a design for the community art wall. The above mentioned 3-4 shortlisted artist(s) or artist teams will be required to attend 3 community meetings where artist(s) will consult with Regent Park residents.  The installation should be inspired by conversations with Regent Park community members and should reflect their stories and voices.   Note: Shortlisted artist(s) or artist team will be compensated according to CARFAC’s 2014 fees schedule for the consultation and preparation work for a final proposal chosen by the selection committee. Artscape staff at Daniels Spectrum and and TCH staff will manage the process.



Stage 3 – Production

One proposal selected by the review committee will be approved by December 1, 2014. Production of the mural will commence in January 2015 and completed by May 2015 (weather permitting).   



The proposed project is a community art wall on the south façade of the Block 22 midrise, which faces Sackville Street and Nelson Mandela Public Park School yard. The Block 22 midrise was designed as a ‘fabric building’ integrated into the mixed Regent Park neighbourhood with a strong emphasis on the design of the public realm.

Please click on the following links to find copies of the:

Blueprint (Mural area highlighted in red)

Building Diagram

Regent Park Map (180 Sackville highlighted in red)



A.      A letter of interest, indicating any connection to Regent Park or rational for interest in working in this community

B.      A curriculum vitae, resume or biography of the artist(s). The CV must include your full contact information and any other supporting material you would like to include (web links, reviews, catalogues, etc…)

C.      An artist statement outlining experience in public art and community engaged practices (1 page max)

D.      6-12 images (max) of artwork examples

E.       A list of all the images submitted that includes the following information for each work: Title, Medium, Dimensions, year of completion

Candidates interested in submitting this proposal are encouraged to register their interest by clicking here and filling out the online form. The deadline for submissions is Monday June 9, 2014

For any other questions, please contact Daniels Spectrum curator, Elle Alconcel at


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About the Regent Park Revitalization

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About Daniels Spectrum

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