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The Daniels Spectrum Hallway Galleries (2,500 square feet) are open to the public and free of charge. You can visit anytime to view our ongoing art exhibitions showcasing the work of artists from Regent Park and beyond. Find the Hallway Galleries on the main floor and on the second floor, throughout the hallways.

Current Exhibitions:

Faces of Regent Park

I began #ShootForPeace as a way to engage youth from Regent Park in photography. It started with their fascination of freezing a moment and looking back on it later.  They capture beauty in our community that I often overlook. The purity of a child asking for a photo brings out a light & vulnerability in the faces they choose. The people of Regent Park make the community and Daniels Spectrum has provided a place to celebrate those people.

For this exhibition, we decided together on the theme of family and how family can be defined. Each photo is by a different participant & includes features from the new all girls’ group, The Queens. The images I’ve chosen are ones that prompted me to rethink my understanding of family. Although the people in the images might not look related, blood couldn’t bring them closer.

Yasin Osman

Artist in Community, Daniels Spectrum
Sponsored by Rogers

About Yasin Osman

Yasin Osman, is an award-winning Toronto photographer that specializes in evocative images of the living world. Raised in Regent Park he felt the urge to document everyday life in his changing neighbourhood. He has worked with organizations such as UNICEF, MACLEANS Magazine and VICE. Through social media platforms Yasin has accumulated over 300 thousand followers. The artist is currently working on a legacy photography project that solely focuses on the revitalization of the Regent Park community.

IG: @yescene

YouTube: /yescene


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