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The Daniels Spectrum Hallway Galleries (2,500 square feet) are open to the public and free of charge. You can visit anytime to view our ongoing art exhibitions showcasing the work of artists from Regent Park and beyond. Find the Hallway Galleries on the main floor and on the second floor, throughout the hallways.

 Current Exhibitions:


March 15, 2017 – April 15, 2017 – 1st Floor

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The exhibition is derived from a root word for nostalgia, “nosto”, meaning homecoming. What does it mean to have a sentimental yearning for something without actually having experienced it? Working from this concept of displaced nostalgia, the selecte4d artworks explore how our longing for a home changes our interactions with/in our community.

An Opening Reception for the exhibition will be held at Daniels Spectrum on Wednesday, March 15 from 6pm to 9pm. Find out more.


March 21, 2017 – April 22, 2017 – 2nd floor

Field of Flowers, Rosita, 2016. Acrylic on canvas

Canada celebrates its 150th birthday this year and ArtHeart is marking the occasion at our third annual SPRUNG Art Show & Sale! ArtHeart’s participants – young and old – were either born in Canada or moved here from other countries so they could become Canadians. The artwork for SPRUNG reflects a love of Canada, whether it’s a land they’ve always known or one they now call home. Canada’s energy, openness, people and landscapes are this year’s theme for SPRUNG. Through watercolour, acrylic, fabric and mixed media, ArtHeart’s participants tell their stories about this young and diverse country.

An Opening Reception for the exhibition will be held at Daniels Spectrum on Wednesday, April 5 from 6pm to 9pm. Follow ArtHeart for the latest news on this exhibition.

About ArtHeart Community Art Centre

ArtHeart has nourished the creative spirit of children, youth and adults of Regent Park since 1991.  The ingredients are simple:  A welcoming space in a bright studio, free art supplies and instruction with healthy snacks and meals.  It is believed that when the body and soul are treated with kindness, imaginations soar and beautiful art is produced.  ArtHeart participants come from many backgrounds and life experiences.  All are talented artists who have discovered a safe space at ArtHeart to explore their creativity.

Many forms of visual art are enjoyed at ArtHeart.  Watercolour, acrylic, mixed media, screen-printing, collage, photography, fibre and digital arts are explored.  Stories are told with paint, paper and canvas.  ArtHeart is a unique community sharing the love of art, good food and warm relationships.  As you visit the SPRUNG exhibit, look for the themes of hope, friendship and renewal.  You will find them in the paintings just as they are experienced every day at ArtHeart.



Curator: elle alconcel

elle alconcel is a community arts supporter committed to the diversification of Toronto’s arts and culture scene. As a curator in the community arts gallery arena, she is invested in showcasing the work of local, culturally diverse artists. She champions programs and spaces that are designed to bring an exciting new voice to the arts dialogue in Toronto. Her curatorial projects have included Madiba, a visual arts presentation for the Nelson Mandela Day Celebrations (2013) at Daniels Spectrum and the inaugural exhibition at the new Toronto Arts Council gallery/workspace. elle is the Youth Outreach Coordinator at the Ryerson Image Centre and a member of two steering committees of ArtReach Toronto.

Curator’s Statement

The Hallway Galleries programming at Daniels Spectrum is a unique opportunity for emerging and mid-career curators and artists to present exhibitions from local artists that not only reflect the multifaceted culture of the Regent Park community but also encourage dialogue and celebrate the importance of arts and culture.

Past Exhibitions


  • The Florida Highwaymen: A Land that Time Forgot  | Feb 9 – March 16
  • Through the Material Landscape | Charmaine Lurch | Feb 9 – March 12
  • We Are Forever Portraits | Benny Bing | November 19 – January 27


  • (mus)interpreted | Samaa Ahmed, Shatha Al-Husseini, Ala Al-Thibeh, Iman Bhatti, Manaal Farooqi,Ghada Habbal, Raafia Jessa, Yara El Safi, Farxiyo Maxamad, Cabdullaahi Jaamac, Riya Jama, Zahra Komeylian, Maha Munaf, Hana Shafi, Samira Warsame | October 12 – November 13
  • The Invisible Majority | Zahra Sdiddiqui | Sept 8 – Oct 31
  • Coming of Age – 10 Years of The Remix Project | September 8 – September 9
  • The Sawubona Project | August 23 – September 4
  • Line 1: Exhibition. Paintings by Katty Wu | August 14 – September 4
  • Upping The Aunty | Meera Sethi | May 31st – August 7
  • Black Toronto 2116 | March 6 – April 17
  • Where Are You Really From? | March 6 – April 16
  • Kandake, of Sword and Pen: Black Women’s Art and Resistance | February20 – March 5
  • Fabric of Tanzania | November 12 – January 24
  • TRIGGERS: You Will Never See Your City the Same Again | November 12 – December 22
  • Gebeta Nights | November 12 – December 22
  • Between Spheres and SOMOS: A Latin American-Canadian Exhibition | July 18- August 31
  • Cosmopolis Toronto | Colin Boyd Schaffer | May 8 – June 26
  • Faces of Regent Park | Dan Bergeron | May 8 – June 26
  • Sprung | ArtHeart Community Art Centre | April 2nd – April 30
  • Through Generations | Ato Seitu | Ella Cooper | Georgia Fullerton | Komi Olaf | Mark “Kurupt” Stoddart | ZimArt’s Rice Lake Galllery | Zimbuktu Sculptures – Public Art Consultants |  February 5 – March 1
  • Pan/orama | Rafael Yaluff; Abstractus; Alejandro Santiago; G N’S Projects | August 4 – September 5
  • Intersections | Yannick Anton, Jon Blak, Buruk Early, Wade Hudson, Ebti Nabang, Candace Nyaomi, Kalmplex Seen, SoTeeOh, Dwayne Sybbliss | May 8 – August 25
  • J A M A I C A | Wade Hudson | December 2013 – January 2014
  • Building Black | Ekow Nimako | February 2014
  • Black Future Month 3014 | Danilo McCallum, Javid JAH, Jordan Clarke, Soteeoh, Ola Ojo, Komi Olaf, Chantelle Kennebrew (Junk Prints), Samson Brown, Quentin Vercetty, Chris Ak, Hillina Seife | February 2014
  • BLK Ken and Barbie: The Dis-Identification Performance | Rose Ann Marie Bailey | February 2014
  • Artistic Migration | Young Women from the Access Alliance Program | March – April 2014
  • (mus)interpreted | Ala Al-Thibeh, Ammara Wasim, Fathima Husna, Fatima Wahid, Hamdi Ali, Hira Kazmi, Jaudat Adnan, Jumana Chowdhury, Kashfia Rahman, Leila Fatemi, Maha Munaf, Mehwish Siddiqui, Naqa al-Thibeh, Rabab al-Kishmeri, Rola Kuidir, Zahra Agjee, The Creative Girls Crew, The Truth & Dare Photography Project | April 2014
  • I HeART Regent Park | David Zapparoli and Pathways to Education Student Photographers: Allora Long, Gelila Tgiorhie, Lensa Youssouf, Mandeq Hassan, Mariama Barud, Nadia Salam, Nagadir Khan, Najam Adan, Nuzhaatb Sabreen, Rafia Salam, Shamal Haider, Zeinab Ibrahim | May – June 2014


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