Daniels Spectrum Announces Inaugural Artist-In-Residence
Photo credit: Zoë Gemelli

Syrus Marcus Ware set to write a love letter to Regent Park’s activists

Written by Karen Whaley

Regent Park is a community with a rich history of political and social activism. But as the Revitalization reshapes the neighbourhood and its residents, who will remember the individuals that fought for change? As Daniels Spectrum’s first Artist-in-Residence, Syrus Marcus Ware wants to shine a light on Regent Park’s unsung activists, revolutionaries and organizers in a collaborative new project that will be presented at the cultural hub in 2017.

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Regent Park School of Music Sets Eyes (and Ears) on the Future

Written by: Karen Whaley
Photo provided by: Regent Park School of Music

The past five years have been a time of massive expansion for the Regent Park School of Music (RPSM), a non-profit that provides highly subsidized music lessons to youth-in-need. Since 2010, they have increased their capacity from 290 students in the Regent Park community to more than 1,700 students across the city, with satellite programming in the Parkdale and Jane and Finch neighbourhoods. But do higher numbers necessarily equal higher impact? As RPSM enters a new phase of growth with the release of their 2016-2020 strategic plan, the emphasis remains on quality over quantity.
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Artheart’s Christmas Dinner: Celebrating Creativity And Community
 Written by Karen Whaley | Photos provided by ArtHeart Community Art Centre

Christmas can be a dark time for people living on the margins. For guests of ArtHeart’s annual Christmas dinner, a holiday feast is more than a meal—it’s a lifeline.

ArtHeart is well-known in the Regent Park community as a place for free-of-charge arts programming for children, youth, adults and families. Less known is that they are one of the only drop-in programs in the neighbourhood that is open on Christmas Day. Every year on December 25, participants from the adult program and a group of dedicated volunteers gather together in the ArtHeart studio at Daniels Spectrum for a turkey dinner with all the fixings.

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Meet the Artist: Hans Poppe


Artist Hans Poppe is currently showing his work in our Hallway Gallery. His exhibition, Fabric of Tanzania, is a unique collection of paintings that show the unapologetic day-to-day real life of Tanzanians. Some are of villagers, some are of city kids and some are of evening conversations with elders. They are an insight to their stories of trials and tribulation and their unfiltered, unbiased, honest beauty. Hans, a native of Tanzania, aims to deconstruct, question and eventually abstract the perceived image of Africans as told by Western media.

We chatted with the artist about his work and next steps.

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