Be Bold: Meetings That Matter

On May 11, 2015 over 250 people attended Be Bold: Meeting That Matter at Daniels Spectrum. The focus of the evening was to shine a spotlight on Daniels Spectrum as well as 20 other social enterprises that are also ready and eager to serve the meetings and events industry. You have the opportunity to “Do Good Business” with these community partners and we hope that you find these capabilities summaries (created by Buy Social Canada) helpful:

A-Way Express
Blackboard Marketing
Cater Toronto
Hawthorne Food & Drink
Lemon & Allspice
Inspirations Studio
Interpreter Services Toronto
Kitigan – Aboriginal & Cultural Art
Klink Coffee
Nishdish Marketeria & Catering 
Options Mississauga Print & Office Services 
Out of this World Cafe & Catering
Paint Box Catering and Bistro
Patch Project
Phoenix Print Shop
Regent Park Catering
Self Reliance Solutions
Turn Around Couriers
Employment Opportunity!


Street Team Member, The Journey 2015

Position Type: Part-Time/Hourly at approximately 8 hours/week
Reports to: Outreach & Marketing Coordinator
Start Date: May 22
End Date: June 18
Application deadline: May 18
Salary: $14/hour

The Journey is a spirited, full-length musical that documents Regent Park’s nearly 70-year history through the eyes of local residents using a powerful combination of spoken word, dramatic scenes, music and dance. Not only is the show inspired by the real-life stories of Regent Park residents, it is also being performed by artists and young people from the community. Artscape and The Daniels Corporation are co-producing The Journey 2015 and will be promoting a special FREE show on June 19 to people living and working in Regent Park. We are looking for 4 to 6 people to join our Journey Street Team to promote this opportunity to members of the local community and encourage people to pick up tickets from our five ticket centres.



  • Promote the free community performance of The Journey to Regent Park community members through direct engagement tactics and one-on-one conversations at community events and in high-traffic areas as specified by the Daniels Spectrum Outreach & Marketing Coordinator
  • Direct interested community members to pick up their tickets at designated local Ticket Centers
    • TD Centre for Learning
    • CRC 40 Oaks
    • Dixon Hall Neighbourhood Services
    • CSI Regent Park (Daniels Spectrum)
    • The Daniels Corporation Presentation Centre
  • Distribute appropriate materials for each shift including but not limited to The Journey 2015 Postcards and Outreach and Marketing Coordinator’s business cards, etc.
  • Answer any general questions the  public might have about The Journey and Daniels Spectrum or refer them to the appropriate Artscape staff member in a positive, helpful tone

Administration / Miscellaneous

  • Keep track of hours worked each week using the log template provided by the Daniels Spectrum Outreach & Marketing Coordinator. Fill in hours worked in log at the end of each shift and share with the Outreach and Marketing Coordinator every Friday. Please note you are not to work beyond scheduled hours without approval from the Outreach & Marketing Coordinator first

All members of the Journey 2015 Street Team will:

  • Approach community members in an outgoing, friendly and professional manner
  • Represent Daniels Spectrum and Artscape with a high level of integrity
  • Wear the Journey 2015 t-shirts during all shifts
  • Provide at least 48 hours advance notice if you cannot make your shift or a portion of it
  • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of all details pertaining to the community performance of The Journey (e.g. synopsis, run-time, food, childcare, prizes etc…)
  • Debrief with the Daniels Spectrum Outreach & Marketing Coordinator on any important community or marketing issues identified during employment period


  • Big, friendly and outgoing personality
  • Strong communication skills
  • Flexible schedule
  • A good understanding of the Regent Park community
  • Experience working customer service or public speaking
  • Promotions background would be an asset but is not necessary
  • Ability to speak more than one language is an asset

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: 5 PM on Monday, May 18, 2015

TO APPLY: Please respond with:

  • A resume
  • A cover letter is recommended

Applications will be received in confidence by mail or email and should be forwarded to:

Attention: Outreach & Marketing Coordinator
Daniels Spectrum
Suite 260, 585 Dundas St. East
Toronto, ON M5A 2B7

Via email: (please note Journey 2015 Street Team in the email subject line)

Pillars of the (Regent Park) Community
Design by Christine Mangosing

Where some people saw a structural element, graphic designer Christine Mangosing saw a way to bring a little bit of Regent Park flavour into the lobby of the Daniels Spectrum.

The three pillars inside Daniels Spectrum’s east-facing floor-to-ceiling glass windows had gone unadorned since the building opened, and staff had long seen them as an opportunity in waiting—a blank canvas that could be used to make the lobby feel warmer and more welcoming, and encourage passersby to pop in and enjoy the space.

“We wanted to represent the diversity of Regent Park in a way that would also complement the many ways the space is used, from community events to special events,” said Seema Jethalal, Managing Director of Daniels Spectrum.

Christine Mangosing, principal creative and founder of CMANGO DESIGN, was selected to lead the project. She had worked previously with several members of Daniels Spectrum’s community including the Kapisanan Philippine Centre for Arts and Culture, ArtReach Toronto, and Manifesto, and is deeply engaged with the youth non-profit arts and culture community in Toronto.

Mangosing toured the Regent Park area to get a sense of the public spaces and diverse groups that make up the fabric of the community, and to learn about the invisible history – the places that aren’t physically there any more but live on in the community memory. A community consultation was also held where community members and representatives of the organizations in the building engaged with the designer, chatting about Regent Park’s past and present and looking at fabrics, patterns and murals from around the world for inspiration.

“There was a sense among everyone present that they wanted to make sure the people in the community were represented in where they came from, and a strong desire for that diversity be reflected in the design,” Mangosing explained.

The result is a vibrant piece titled Tela, a digital illustration on vinyl that wraps around each pillar. Mangosing’s full artist statement, describing the fascinating array of cultural and visual allusions in the design, is included below. The designer says she’s thrilled with the result, and that the positive response she’s gotten from people who participated in the community consultation has left her with a strong sense of satisfaction about the project.

According to Jethalal, since Tela was installed on March 2nd  the refreshed pillars have been met with enthusiasm and delight by the building’s tenants and community members alike. “When they first see the pillars, people love them aesthetically. And when they learn the stories behind each element of the design, it adds a whole new layer of meaning, and their reaction goes through the roof!”

Tela, 2015

Digital illustration on vinyl
Christine Mangosing (CMango Designs)

Woven textiles in many cultures serve as markers of identity, lineage, and environment, among others. Similarly, totem poles, for the First Nations of the Pacific Northwest, are commemorative monuments of history, ancestry and people. With these cultural objects, along with sentiments on the spirit of the “old” Regent Park (shared by residents of the neighbourhood and tenants of Daniels Spectrum) as inspiration, my goal was to interpret a visual “fabric” of the community— as an homage to its people and its past, and a reminder to visitors and new residents of what came before.

Nestled within a grid structure modeled after the map of Regent Park (from Gerard to Queen, Parliament to River), motifs inspired by traditional textiles, beadwork and architectural details native to the cultures from which past and current residents hail, intersect with lines and symbols representing elements of the area’s landscape and original architecture. Shapes recalling the grillwork in an Islamic Indian temple and the geometric forms of West African mud cloth sit alongside lines depicting the rows of bricks and windows in a Regent Park high-rise. Embroidery from a Bangladeshi quilt evokes the chain link fences bordering the ice rinks and basketball courts that served as social meeting points for the youth of the community. Rows of tiny “shells” inspired by Anishinaabek wampum belts, form the shapes of the iconic “dog-bones” and “barbells” of the low-rise buildings seen from above, while stylized flowers inspired by a Vietnamese floral motif reference the neighbourhood’s community gardens and the numerous trees that had once populated the “garden city.”

In the same way that traditional textiles tell the story of their makers’ surroundings, these familiar elements, abstracted and intertwined, aim to serve as a reflection of spaces once inhabited and honour the stories embedded within them.

Civic Trust Award for Daniels Spectrum

We are very pleased to announce that Daniels Spectrum has received another award, this time from the Civic Trust Awards based in London, UK. This award, recognizing Daniels Spectrum for community impact and engagement, was presented to Diamond Schmitt Architects, who designed the building, at a gala ceremony at the Globe Theatre in London on March 6, 2015. Artscape CEO Tim Jones was in attendance to receive the award on stage with our project partners at Diamond Schmitt Architects. We’re proud that Daniels Spectrum won one of only two awards given to projects outside of England in this competition! This award is hugely meaningful as it represents a win not just for the project partners involved but the whole Daniels Spectrum community in Regent Park.

Canadian Architect published the official press release from Diamond Schmitt Architects on March 10, 2015. It contains background information on the award and a link to our “making of Daniels Spectrum” video.

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