ArtHeart Announces Exciting New Project to Launch in Fall 2015: Project Kids & Cameras!

Program Description:

ArtHeart in partnership wih Project Kids and Cameras will bring together kids (in grades 3-8) and cameras in Regent Park, a largely immigrant community undergoing the largest revitalization projects in Toronto’s history.

In collaboration with photography educator Diana Nazareth, program participants will explore what is most unique about Regent Park! They will be given the opportunity to share their points of view through photographs that capture what they believe represents the “heart” of their community. They will engage in a series of creative photography exercises that promote 21st century skills such as critical thinking, thinking creatively, visual and media literacy, team-based collaboration and innovation and will be introduced to the fundamentals of photography that explore the concepts of perspective, composition, and artistic expression. The young participants will take frequent neighborhood photo walks to document the dramatic changes occurring in Regent Park, will be encouraged to keep a journal about their discoveries, and selected students will take their cameras home for the weekend to photograph their own families and friends!

The project will culminate in a community-wide photo exhibit/celebration at  Daniels Spectrum showcasing the participants’ photographs and writings.


Project Kids & Cameras is a rare opportunity for kids in grades 3 to 8 interested in learning about photography and their community.


Workshop Dates & Times:

Project Kids & Cameras will run for 12 sessions, every other Saturday, from October 2015 to March 2016:

October 3, 17, 31, November 14 & 28, December 12, January 9 & 23, February 6 & 20 and March 5 & 19.

Grades 3-5

Morning Workshop: 10 am-12:30 pm

Grades 6-8

Afternoon Workshop: 1-3:30 pm.

Photo Exhibit will be held in April 2016 at the Daniel Spectrum. Date to be announced in October.



The program is FREE to those young participants who can meet the following criteria. (Only 20 spots available).

Participant Criteria:

·       Must be a boy or girl in grades 3-8 who reside in Regent Park and/or neighbouring Corktown, or any surrounding priority neighborhood

·       MUST have an interest in PHOTOGRAPHY, no experience required

·       MUST be able to attend at least 10 of the 12 workshop dates

·       Can COMMIT to attend the Photo Exhibit to be scheduled in April 2016.

The program is open to youth from all backgrounds, but priority is given to low income, newcomer, and Aboriginal youth. Snacks will be provided.

Download and print your application form here.

We encourage you to apply today as spots are limited. Feel free to pass this along to any kids or parents who may be interested in this.

Project Kids & Cameras is made possible by a generous grant provided by Inspired Minds Learning Project and CST Consultants Inc. (CST).

Original Story

Job Opportunity
Photo: Lisa Logan Photography

Security Guard, Daniels Spectrum

Position Type: Part-Time, Hourly
Location: Daniels Spectrum, 585 Dundas Street East, Toronto
Start Date: mid-late October 2015
Application Deadline: October 8, 2015, at 5:00 pm

Artscape is currently seeking a security guard to join the team at Daniels Spectrum, a cultural hub in Regent Park.  Reporting to the Superintendent of Daniels Spectrum, the security guard will be responsible for ensuring Daniels Spectrum is a welcoming, healthy and safe public facility.  This security guard will work alongside Daniels Spectrum’s in-house security guards and alongside third party security guards that provide additional coverage for special events.  While the primary focus of this position is event security, occasional building security coverage may  be required.  The ideal candidate for this position is friendly, respectful and exercises good judgement.  S/he will have a breadth of experience working with clients from various walks of life, especially youth from diverse ethno-cultural communities.

Daniels Spectrum has a commitment to diversity, inclusion and accessibility.  Through a sliding scale rental revenue system, Artscape is able to provide several subsidies for groups facing financial barriers as well as coaching and support in booking and coordinating events for these clients. Revenues from venue rentals support cultural programming and services at the centre through social enterprise.


Reporting to the Superintendent, the Security Guard will ensure a welcoming, safe and healthy atmosphere at Daniels Spectrum while providing additional strategic insights, training and leadership for Daniels Spectrum Security Guards. Responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the general health, safety and security of our tenants, Regent Park community members, Artscape staff and other visitors to Daniels Spectrum and exercising good judgment in the application of security protocols
  • The ability to provide both building security coverage (similar to a condo concierge/ security guard) and event security (to cover professional and non-professional events and performances such as  community events, corporate galas, musical and theatrical productions, special events, food festivals, etc.)
  • Conducting scheduled and unscheduled patrols of the building and its grounds, carefully observing activities taking place within and around the building
  • Keeping a thorough written daily log of all patrols, security issues and incidents and suggestions for improving the health, safety and security in and around the building
  • Recognizing potential security issues and taking a proactive approach to their resolution
  • Contributing to a warm, welcoming and respectful environment
  • Working with members of the local Toronto Police division, local residential condominium security staff, Toronto Community Housing security staff, and other Regent Park leaders and community organizations; liaising with these organizations when required to develop collective security strategies and share information
  • Demonstrating an understanding of the mandate and vision of Daniels Spectrum, and reflecting this in all communications and security strategies
  • Assisting other Artscape staff, from time-to-time, when an extra hand is needed (e.g. rolling out garbage pins, moving tables, etc.)
  • Assisting with training other Daniels Spectrum security guards and part-time staff upon request from Superintendent or Managing Director
  • Acting as the senior event security guard when more than one guard has been staffed. (This entails devising an appropriate security strategy, providing direction to the team prior to event start, supporting the Venue Supervisor during their client briefing ensuring any security considerations and flags are raised, etc.)
  • Overseeing and supporting other Daniels Spectrum Security Guards in fulfilling their responsibilities with professionalism and a smile.  This includes sharing challenges encountered with Daniels Spectrum staff with the Superintendent (note: Superintendent or Managing Director will follow up with necessary disciplinary actions)
  • Maintaining professional , respectful and positive relationships with tenants, colleagues, staff and members of the public


  • Three to five years’ experience as a security guard
  • A valid Ontario Security License
  • Extensive experience in patrol, posting and traffic control in addition to working in a complex, event-based environment
  • SmartServe will be considered an asset
  • Professional, respectful and friendly communication skills. Ability to use distinct approaches depending on the person you are engaging with
  • Strong analytical skills and good judgment
  • An in-depth familiarity with the Regent Park community is considered an asset
  • Ability to multi-task
  • Ability to trouble-shoot and solve problems
  • Ability to work in a team environment
  • Experience in the non-profit sector, a background in arts and culture, a familiarity with Toronto Community Housing and other  Regent Park institutions, with Toronto’s arts community and working in culturally diverse communities are all considered assets
  • Experience working with youth or in a youth-centric environment would be considered an asset
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office is an asset

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS: October 8, 2015 at 5:00 pm

Hourly rate is commensurate with experience.

Please respond with a cover letter outlining the qualifications and experience you would bring to the position, your salary expectations and a resume.  Please also highlight your relationship to Regent Park if applicable. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Applications will be received in confidence by mail, courier or email only to:

Regent Park Employment Services
530 Dundas Street East
Toronto, ON  M5A 2B3

Contact: Sumi Mehra at

Native Earth Performing Arts Announces 2015/2016 Season

Native Earth Performing Arts announced the line-up for its 33rd season, which showcases the talent of Indigenous dancers, playwrights, emerging artists and visual artists from across Turtle Island (North America) and beyond. Artistic Director Ryan Cunningham and Managing Director Isaac Thomas are inviting to Aki Studio compelling artists at different stages of their careers, practicing disciplines across the great spectrum that is Indigenous art.


2015-2016 SEASON


Directed by Karin Randoja and starring Cliff Cardinal
October 10-25, 2015, Aki Studio
Single Tickets $15-$30


Presented in partnership with Aluna Theatre
November 3-7, 2015, Aki Studio
Single Tickets $15-$20, Festival Pass $50


November 11-21, 2015, Aki Studio
Single Tickets $15, Festival Pass $60


Presented in partnership with DanceWorks
April 21-23, 2016, Aki Studio
Single Tickets $25, Double Bill $40

·         PAPRIKA FESTIVAL 2016

May 2016, Aki Studio

Visit for tickets and additional information.

A Regent Park Poet on the Pan Am Stage

Mustafa the Poet electrifies crowds as Pan Am poet laureate

Spoken-word poet Mustafa Ahmed has had a huge year. A Regent Park native and popular fixture at Daniels Spectrum, Mustafa the Poet has toured with We Day, hung out with Drake, and performed before an international crowd as poet laureate of the 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games.

The response to Mustafa’s August 15th performance, where he extinguished the Pan Am flame to bring an official close to the games, was electric . Tweets from the event called the performance “powerful,” “awesome,” and “brilliant,” and the Toronto Star reported that “it was Mustafa the Poet, who recited one of his spoken-word poems before the Pan Am flame was extinguished, who brought soul to the closing ceremonies.”

Mustafa has been deeply involved with Daniels Spectrum since its opening, from sitting on the youth council to performing in the building dozens of times as part of tours and special events. He says that the chance to perform regularly was “really incredible, and a great way for me to get comfortable as a performer.” A graduate of the Ada Slaight Youth Arts Mentorship Program, he worked with pianist Thompson Egbo-Egbo and other Regent Park Youth to create “Spectrum of Hope,” a music video that’s a “powerful expression of pride” for Regent Park.

It has been a privilege watching Mustafa develop his art over the past years, and Artscape couldn’t be happier for his success. We can’t wait to see what comes next for this powerful young performer!

We spoke with Mustafa the Poet about bringing his spoken-word message to the international crowd at Panamania. For more from Mustafa, you can follow him on his website, Twitter, or Instagram.

How did you come to be the poet laureate for the Pan Am Games?

My manager, Che Kothari, is on the creative board for the Pan Am Games, and he made the suggestion of having me do some work with the Games. So we had some meetings with [Creative Director, Panamania] Don Shipley, and we hit it off and it worked well. It was really great to be able to be part of the games in that way!

What was the reaction among your family and friends when you got the role?

My family and friends were really, really happy, and just as honoured as I was. Even when I was carrying the torch, and I had my brief performance in the Albion Arena after I carried the torch and lit the cauldron, it was a really proud moment for everyone, and my community especially.

What was your message in the poems you composed for Pan Am?

My message was about taking risks, and just taking yourself, as a person and as a dreamer and as a human being, and just taking yourself to another level, where you can inspire so many people, and inspire yourself. Like looking into a mirror and the mirror reflecting the person you want to be, and striving to be  that person. It was a message about inspiration and motivation.

How did you approach writing poems for this international audience? Was it different from your usual process?

I approached this commission, in a lot of ways, the same way I’d approach writing anything else. Because it’s emotion, I think, that connects everyone, and for me, I was trying to find different topics that I think trigger those emotions. For the first piece I was talking about imagination, and the risk everyone has to face and the tenacity that everyone needs worldwide. There are these global struggles that we all have to face, and I was just trying to find all these universal elements within the games.

I also tried to remember that there were people coming from different parts of the world that don’t know English. I just told myself that even if I can’t get them to understand the words themselves, I’ll definitely try to get them to understand the emotion. And so I just try to pour out everything when I’m performing, because people react to that.

What was the experience like of performing live at Panamania?

My [August 9 performance at Nathan Phillips Square] was really incredible. You know, I think poetry’s really different than performing anything else, just because it’s such a rooted art form, and you create such a divine connection with the audience, and that’s what I felt when I was performing, especially when I was outdoors and it’s just, when you see that much people… it’s not supposed to be quiet, it’s not supposed to be silent and it’s not supposed to be serene, but it was in that moment. And if you can capture just a few minutes, or a few moments with an audience outdoors… if you can just capture that, I think it’s just… it’s just worth everything.

It has been an incredible year for you – what’s coming up next?

It has definitely been an incredible year, and for me the highlight is all the people that I got to meet. Everyone from Drake to incredible producers…all these people who I think will help mold my career, and who are helping right now to mold my career and take it to another level. I’m only as big as the people I keep around, and I can’t do anything alone and just having all these people around me and having all these different connections makes me feel so much more powerful.  I’m just creating, and I really feel like I have a better sense of who I am as an artist. I just can’t wait to watch it grow.

It’s like, now that I’m 19 years old I’m really taking off the crutches and becoming my own artist, and it’s scary, but I’m excited and I think that it’s going to be a great year. The We Day tour was incredible and just having all these commissions has been incredible, but now it’s time for me to take all the great elements from those different things and really use them to elevate my art. It’s going to be an exciting year hopefully again this year.

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