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Suubi Fusion Troupe



Suubi Fusion Troupe

Suubi Fusion Troupe Concert Series is an education performing arts events that will include dance, drama, presentations and the screening of a short story about the work we are doing in Uganda. About the Tour The Suubi Music Troupe will arrive in the North America in September 2016 and will tour from Maryland to Ontario, Canada. Performances are only a part of our on-tour equation. The Suubi Music Troupe presents a range of dynamic programs, from student shows to corporate diversity events, panel discussions, mixers, classes and workshops, which result in deeper audience engagement and involvement. Cultural exchange and educational activities are hallmarks of the Suubi Music Troupe . Join us! Running time for this event is approximately 2 hours. There are multiple 15 minute intermissions.


Suubi Fusion Troupe – “Suubi” means “hope” in the Luganda language. The Suubi Music and Dance Troupe at Cambridge Secondary School is the brain child of the school’s founder, Mrs. Kevin Kalule, and it has grown into a passion and purpose for our young Ugandan performers. Learn More

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