Adults’ Art Program

Organized by:

ArtHeart Community Art Centre

ArtHeart expands individuals’ horizons through the exposure to arts, cultural opportunities, education and activities. ...

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Twice-weekly programs for adults to come together to do art

  • Registration: Required
  • Audience: Adults
  • Ages: n/a
  • Location: Suite 210
  • Timing: Wednesday evening, Thursday afternoon
  • Frequency: Twice weekly
  • Website: Twice weekly
  • Contact:

The Adults’ Arts program runs on average two 3-hour workshops per week, year-round for participants of all skill levels. Scheduled art classes are offered weekly and focus on the use of different materials and creative techniques such as sewing, crocheting, painting, drawing, lino-printing, bead work and more. Meals and refreshments are served at each workshop. Participants also have access to computers, instruction in digital arts and a telephone. Our goal is to create a safe space for people to get together and make art. We also provide peer support to help participants deal with some of the challenges they face, including tenant harassment, illegal eviction, finding housing, lack of access to health care, human rights complaints and acquiring assisted mobility devices.

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