Arts Education and Community Engagement

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Shift your professional focus or diversify your creative practice in this original program.

  • Registration: Required
  • Audience: Adults
  • Ages:
  • Location: Suite 130
  • Timing: 1 year/2 semesters
  • Frequency: Scheduled
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Arts Education and Community Engagement is a two-semester post-graduate certificate program designed to ladder students into careers in arts education and community arts.

Students will learn how to design arts educational programming that is pedagogically sound and that meets the needs of diverse communities.  Students will apply best practices of community arts work and will be trained to facilitate arts-based social justice initiatives. Students will also learn about a variety of careers in arts education and community development through research, mentorship, and field placements.  Graduates of this program will be equipped to manage a professional career in arts and learning, and to incorporate community-engaged arts work into their existing creative practice.

By modelling innovative pedagogy, this program teaches students to innovate for themselves. By partnering with leading arts organizations, this program facilitates connections and opportunities within the sector. By emphasizing global citizenship, social justice, and cultural competency, this program helps students locate these concerns at the heart of their creative and educational practice.

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