The Journey & The Journey Studio

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Free mentorship and training in musical theatre

  • Registration: Audition
  • Audience: Youth
  • Ages: 15-24
  • Location: Daniels Spectrum
  • Timing: Annual; starts in April
  • Frequency: n/a
  • Website:
  • Contact:

The Journey is a spirited musical based on the story of the community of Regent Park. Produced in partnership with The Daniels Corporation this dynamic performance features graduates of The Journey Studio program and other youth from the community. Youth are engaged in the creation of the play as well as the performance which is used as a fundraiser for Daniels Spectrum.

The Journey Studio is a free arts education training program for Regent Park youth interested in learning more about the performance arts – dance, theatre and music. This financially accessible annual program, created and hosted at Daniels Spectrum, provides youth ages 15-24 with the mentorship, resources and support necessary to identify an educational and/or career path in the arts, mature as leaders, develop life skills and build confidence.

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