Pathways to Education

Pathways Regent Park

Pathways to Education is an innovative and community-based program has been helping youth in low-income communities stay in school and graduate to post-secondary for more than ten years. Working in partnership with governments, social welfare agencies and hundreds of diverse volunteers who share their talent and wisdom, the Pathways to Education Program is helping to break the cycle of poverty and enable strategic, long-term social change. The Pathways to Education Program works alongside the school system, providing after-school academic support, mentoring, advocacy and financial assistance to address the barriers that can stand in the way of education. The Pathways to Program is a collective movement of the community for education.


Academic Support Program

@ Suite 230
After-school academic support in five core subjects for youth registered in the Pathways to Education Program at Regent Park and the Moss Park area.

Mentoring Program

@ Pathways Digital Bridge
Multi-year mentorship program for Youth registered in Pathways to Education Program at Regent Park and Moss Park area.

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